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Privacy Policy has a new look. Tell us how you like it.

Louisiana Entertainment is proud to unveil our revamped and redesigned website dedicated to entertainment industry professionals doing business in our state.

The changes are intended to make essential information easier to find, and to create a user experience that embodies the diversity and dynamism of the industry itself.

The site aesthetic is both interactive and innovative, acting as four websites in one. From the homepage, choose the entertainment vertical that most applies to your sector – Film, Music, Interactive or Live Performance – and the site experience and content are instantly optimized for the incentives, locations, crew and talent, business resources and projects specific to that sector.

Researching the state’s industry-specific incentive programs – and the process of applying for them – has been simplified and broken down into the detail that visitors need to make informed decisions.  

 Interactive maps contain pop-out information about local film offices, stages, recording studios and more. They’re accompanied by a travel distance calculator that estimates the driving time between Louisiana’s cities. Back by popular demand: a searchable database of locations, accommodations, talent, crew and other essential production resources in more than 60 categories, covering every corner of the state, powered by our partners at Reel Scout.

There’s more – much more. We encourage you to explore it on your own, let us know how the new design works for you, and how we can make it better.

Email or call me directly with your feedback. And thank you for all that you do to keep Louisiana’s entertainment industry thriving. We hope our new website contributes to that effort.

Chris Stelly

Executive Director, Louisiana Entertainment