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Production Essentials

Film and television producers in Louisiana benefit from the state's numerous film offices and mild climate. Learn more about Louisiana's film production resources.

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All productions using animals should contact the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries to discuss particular policies regarding the species being used. In addition, such productions are encouraged to work closely with the film and television unit of the American Humane Association.

Career Related Requirement Options

Download a list of requirements necessary to participate in a career-based learning and training program approved by the office.

Career-based Learning & Training Programs

Download a list of programs and training opportunities here.

Child Labor

All persons under 18 years of age must have authorization from the Louisiana Workforce Commission to work in the state of Louisiana. Authorization information may be obtained by emailing request to, calling 225.342.7690 or visiting the department's website Additional information can be found in the Employment of Minors Informational Booklet and Employment of Minors - Theatrical Permit Packet.

Attachment List of Minor Form

Employment of Minors - Informational Booklet

Employment of Minors - Theatrical Permit Packet

Waiver Request Form

Climate & Time Zone

Located in the Central Standard Time Zone, Louisiana's mild climate is conducive to productions year-round.

Crew Base

With over 1,100 I.A.T.S.E. members, Louisiana is between 11 and 13 union crews deep with another one or two experienced non-union crews working throughout the state. Including the Local 600 Camera Guild as well DGA, SAG, AFTRA, Hair and Make Up, Teamsters and SWA members calling the state home, Louisiana is well-over 1,250 union members strong.

Fees & Permits

There are NO state fees or permits required for filming in Louisiana. Location fees for use of state property are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are often waived. Additional information on fees and permits may be found by contacting local film offices.

Green Filmmaking

The Green Production Guide, an initiative of the Producers Guild of America, provides a wealth of resources aimed at helping film and television professionals find the information and partners they need to make use of sustainable practices in their productions.


With the exception of worker's compensation, Louisiana has no insurance requirements for motion pictures, but any producers filming in the state are strongly encouraged to acquire a comprehensive liability policy prior to the onset of principal photography. Louisiana property owners are encouraged to make proof of adequate insurance a requirement to use their location.

Local Film Offices

Louisiana is a top destination for motion picture projects. The state has a diverse palette of locations that make it easy for industry professionals to select Louisiana as the location for film and television productions.

Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center (LABEOC)

The Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center (LABEOC) helps guide Louisiana businesses and non-profits to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and human-caused disasters, and to maintain the stability, resilience and economic recovery of their communities. The LABEOC was created to support the business community during a disaster. The Center is a joint partnership between the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Informatics Research Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Louisiana Economic Development.

Louisiana Entertainment Logo

Download a high resolution, full-color version of the Louisiana Entertainment Logo here. Please contact for a full media kit.

Non-Resident Income Tax

According to Louisiana Revised Statute 47:290, a tax is levied on all non-resident individuals who have income earned within or derived from sources in Louisiana. Learn more at the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Right To Work

Louisiana Act 1976, No. 97 includes the provision that "no person shall be required, as a condition of employment, to become or remain a member of any labor organization, or to pay any dues, fees, assessments or other charges of any kind to a labor organization."

Road Closures

Decisions on road closures are made by the local jurisdictions. For road closures, contact the appropriate local film office.

Special Effects & Pyrotechnics

The State Police, State Fire Marshal and local fire departments must be consulted before any explosions, other pyrotechnics or fireworks may take place. The need for standby fire equipment and personnel is determined on a case-by-case basis. Call our office for help in determining the jurisdiction of your location.

Vehicle Registration & Permit Waiver

Interstate highway size and weight regulations apply to roadways in Louisiana. Vehicles are required to either display "apportioned" license plates and cab cards indicating they are licensed with Louisiana or permits must be purchased every 48 hours that a vehicle is in Louisiana, unless a waiver form is completed and returned to the Department of Transportation's Weights and Standards Division. The Office of Film & Television Development will file the waiver for you.

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