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Metronome Music Business Accelerator Launched by LED, GNO Inc. and Partners

NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana Economic Development has partnered with Greater New Orleans, Inc., and others in launching Metronome, a series of programs focused on growing the business aspects of the New Orleans-area music industry. The music business accelerator project seeks to construct a self-sustaining music industry for New Orleans in which local music industry professionals can thrive.

Participants in the Metronome program will gain access to an industry-focused mentor, specialized workshops, coworking space, curated coaching sessions and ongoing peer-to-peer connections opportunities. The inaugural 10-week program launching this fall is being devised by GNO Inc. and The Idea Village for entrepreneurs who seek to solve problems or create new opportunities in the region’s music industry. LED has agreed to contribute up to $300,000 – $100,000 a year for three years – to cover some costs associated with the program.

“We continue to fully engage and support efforts to enhance Louisiana’s entertainment industry and develop its unique workforce,” LED Secretary Don Pierson said. “Our musical heritage is a significant part of Louisiana’s cultural charm, but it’s more than just good times rolling. Our Grammy Award-winning talent provides leverage for us in the music industry. We want to extend our world-class status by assisting developing artists and music-related entrepreneurs in all aspects of their careers and business development. LED’s investment in the Metronome program demonstrates our commitment to supporting this important industry which will not only create jobs but also enrich our unique Louisiana culture.”

The Metronome project was unveiled Thursday (Aug. 10) at Tipitina’s nightclub in New Orleans. The announcement event included a graduation ceremony for the second cohort of the Music Industry Career Development University Program (MIC’D UP), which is supported by a 2022 award from Louisiana’s Entertainment Development Fund. MIC’D UP is designed to create music-focused on-the-job training opportunities that will provide support for music businesses to develop local talent. Its long-term goal is to prepare participating businesses to help local artists develop opportunities in film, television, commercials, video gaming and other entertainment industry platforms.

“For decades Greater New Orleans has been culturally colonized, as we have produced music and culture but have not benefited in kind,” said Michael Hecht, president and CEO of GNO Inc. “Metronome will begin to address this historical imbalance, as the programs will help spawn innovation, prepare our residents for better careers and educate musicians on how to financially capitalize on their talent. It’s time to turn up the volume and amplify the future of New Orleans’ music industry.”

Goals for the Metronome project include development of new educational initiatives, mentorship programs and guest speaker series aimed at addressing gaps in the way the local music industry operates. New Orleans & Company and the city of New Orleans join GNO Inc., LED’s Louisiana Entertainment division and The Idea Village as partners in the project.

Metronome is designed for those involved in or seeking to enter fields such as music publishing, digital music distribution, streaming, live performances and touring, booking and artist management, licensing and royalties, hardware consumer products, software and other aspects of the recording and performance industries. The fall program begins Sept. 5, and applications are being accepted through Aug. 25. To apply, visit

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